Windsong, Cleveland's Feminist Chorus and A Place for Us Housing Welcome Anne E. Dechant

A Place for Us Housing and Windsong, Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus will welcome award-winning singer-songwriter and native Clevelander, Anne E. DeChant, to a special house concert on Saturday, May 12, 6:30-7:30 pm at A Place for Us, 11610 Madison Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102. Doors open at 5:45.

Windsong will join Anne E. on her song, Girls and Airplanes, about women breaking down barriers. The song has been featured on the soundtrack of the Hollywood film, “The Hot Flashes,” starring Brooke Shields, and the critically acclaimed documentary film, “The Vetters: All We Needed.”

On May 6, Anne E. was in the audience as Windsong sang a choral version of Girls and Airplanes, arranged by Jan C. Snow, Windsong’s resident composer. Anne E. joined the group on stage during their spring concert performance at Lakewood Presbyterian Church.

In the Lakewood concert, the song about WWII WASPS, Women Airforce Service Pilots, was introduced by chorister Jenny Grimsley, who started her career in military intelligence. Jenny was moved to share her story as part of the concert program when she sang the lyrics, “I’ll never shut up, never give in, never gonna keep my feet on the ground again.”

The Windsong concert, entitled “Telling Our Stories,” featured Windsong singers’ real stories told by the singers themselves. Interwoven with songs, the storytellers relayed their own experiences of overcoming racial prejudice, avoiding date rape, becoming politically active and expressing gratitude for women mentors.

Tickets for the house concert on May 12 are $10 at the door and may be reserved in advance by calling Linda M. Krasienko, Service Coordinator for A Place for Us Housing at 440-227-8556 or emailing her at Parking is available in RTA lot on Madison Ave or along West 116th Street.

Windsong, Cleveland's Feminist Chorus cohost the 12th Sister Singers Network International Women's Choral Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 27-July 1, 2018.

Nearly 40 members of Windsong, Cleveland's Feminist Chorus traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan to participate as cohosts for the 12th Sister Singers Network Choral Festival with the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus. This quadrennial festival is a unique time for members of Sister Singer Network choruses from all over the United States to gather together to share ideas, celebrate in song and support each as we perform for each other. Windsong plans to host the next Sister Singers Network Festival here in Cleveland, Ohio in 2022!

When a Concert is More Than a Concert

As Cleveland's Feminist Chorus, Windsong brings a message to its community with every concert. This is an election year like no other. And there are a few things on Windsong's mind.

Like Justice. And Peace. And Liberty and Caring.

Every song has a message for every one who will listen.

Please come to the concert on May 22, 2016 at Lakewood Presbyterian Church. Concert starts at 4pm. Arrive early to get good parking. Stay after for a reception with the exceptional women of Windsong - and let's talk.

A Fresh Face

As many of us say when we take that first glance in the mirror in the morning...THAT'S NOT WHAT I LOOK LIKE!

Windsong has decided to create a new fresh face for its work, its members, and its community.

Welcome to the new Windsong website at

Here you may learn more about the chorus, how to join, and when the next performance will take place. You will be able to find contact information and discover a little history.

You, Windsong friend, will be able to purchase tickets, make donations, and view fun photos of all the Windsong activities that take place and can be shown publicly.

But, mind you - patience is a virtue. And you may need it as we transition to this new domain name and new appearance.

Anyway - glad you're here. Tell some friends. Spread the word. And visit often.