Windsong, Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus, is pleased to offer you gourmet coffees! Windsong has a special arrangement with Crooked River Coffee Company, who roast all their coffees locally and provide these special blends at cost to Windsong. All proceeds beyond cost go directly to supporting Windsong and help us provide wonderful music written for, by, and about women, social justice and environmental issues.  In addition, you will be supporting farmers who grow coffee sustainably and ethically in developing countries.

All coffee is roasted and ground directly before delivery to ensure that you receive the freshest product possible.  


If you would like to purchase delicious Crooked River coffee and support Windsong, please choose your selections below. Coffee orders will be available starting November 16.

Note: online customers will need to pickup their orders at one of the following locations:

761 Beta Dr., Mayfield, November 16 from 2-3pm
14502 Detroit Avenue, November 18 from 7-8pm

ITALIAN SPLENDOR ORGANIC - this dark roasted blend is among the most popular of our selection. Roasted with a goal of tasting both roast style and source characteristics this blend goes well with rich meals. The dark brown sheen on these beans signifies they have been roasted to bring out the caramelized taste prized by so many of America’s west coast drinkers. Any darker, and they’d move over the Alps into France. 

Italian Splendor

CRESCENDO - This lively blend is a smooth way to start the day or cupping throughout the day.


DECAF ADAGIO BLEND – This blend offers full body, medium acidity, well-balanced and earthy flavors, and a slightly smoky aftertaste.  It’s hard to believe this is decaffeinated, but it is!

Decaf Adagio Blend

GINGERBREAD FLAVORED - A cup of coffee and a cookie…without the calories!!

Gingerbread Flavored

HAZELNUT FLAVORED - The rich flavor of hazelnut blended with full-city roasted beans.

Hazelnut Flavored

Aged Earl Grey - We age organic Assam black tea with real Italian Bergamot for several weeks so the tea absorbs the orange scent. Enjoy a robust (flavorings-free) Earl Grey with subtle citrus notes.

Aged Earl Grey

Toasted Rice – This traditional Japanese green tea with toasted rise is often served in restaurants. Now you can enjoy its robust, nutty and savory flavors at home.

Toasted Rice

Chamomile Lemon – We combine fine Egyptian chamomile blossoms with Australian Lemon myrtle leaves for a sweet organic brew that imparts a lingering calmness with citrus murmurings.

Chamomile Lemon

Not a coffee lover, or don’t live in the Cleveland area, but want to support Windsong? Make a donation here: