Windsong, Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, and we are asking our friends to join us on this incredible journey that is Windsong.

Windsong began as a small handful of women who were inspired by the National Women’s Music Festival in 1979 to bring the women’s choral movement to NEO. Founding member Ellen Catlin describes the founding of Windsong as “a growing tree, still branching out. I’m really proud that we’re still alive.” And branching out we are!

Windsong has grown to nearly 50 persons, over 60% who identify as LGBTQ and non-conforming, who all support the values and mission of Windsong. Windsong is a place where you can come to be truly yourself, plus you get to make music!

The magic of Windsong over its 40 years is the community that it provides.“Yes, we are a group that comes together to make music together, but we are so much more. We are a sisterhood, a community that is there for each other, for all of life’s trials and joys. I know that I could go to anyone in the chorus for support or help,” Amanda Strand, an alto 1 who has been with Windsong for over 10 years. “I still feel so lucky to have found Windsong. I cannot imagine any other organization where women as young as 20 and as old as 70 could come together and I could call them all friends. All those different experiences and perspectives have helped form me into the feminist that I am today.”


And now you can become a member donor of Windsong, Cleveland's Feminist Chorus and help the tree continue to branch out. By joining you will help Cleveland's only feminist chorus to facilitate its mission to effect social change and support the LGBTQ+ community of NEO. Your membership helps support the operations and community outreach of Windsong, and grants you the ability to become even more involved in this powerful community.

See below for all the membership levels and to complete the registration form.

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The second option to become a member is to print the below form and mail it in with a check to PO Box 771212, Lakewood, OH 44107.