When a Concert is More Than a Concert

As Cleveland's Feminist Chorus, Windsong brings a message to its community with every concert. This is an election year like no other. And there are a few things on Windsong's mind.

Like Justice. And Peace. And Liberty and Caring.

Every song has a message for every one who will listen.

Please come to the concert on May 22, 2016 at Lakewood Presbyterian Church. Concert starts at 4pm. Arrive early to get good parking. Stay after for a reception with the exceptional women of Windsong - and let's talk.

A Fresh Face

As many of us say when we take that first glance in the mirror in the morning...THAT'S NOT WHAT I LOOK LIKE!

Windsong has decided to create a new fresh face for its work, its members, and its community.

Welcome to the new Windsong website at

Here you may learn more about the chorus, how to join, and when the next performance will take place. You will be able to find contact information and discover a little history.

You, Windsong friend, will be able to purchase tickets, make donations, and view fun photos of all the Windsong activities that take place and can be shown publicly.

But, mind you - patience is a virtue. And you may need it as we transition to this new domain name and new appearance.

Anyway - glad you're here. Tell some friends. Spread the word. And visit often.