$10k in 30 Days

The month of October can be hair-raising. But you’ll find no fear here.

Instead ,Windsong is fund-raising for operating expenses. Our goal is $10k in 30 Days!

Can we do it? YES! Together, we can!

• No gift is too big, or too small

• Lots of ways to get involved

• Details coming soon

If you just can’t wait, email windsongcle@gmail.com and we’ll fill you in on all the details like gossip over the backyard fence.

Please save Thursday evening, November 1, 2018, so we can invite you,
our wonderful donors, to “Celebrate Our Success!”

When you give, please give generously. Windsong Chorus needs you!

Www.windsongcleveland.org windsongcle@gmail.com

Windsong, Cleveland’s Feminist Chorus is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization.

Donations may be tax exempt but only to the extent of current IRS law.



Visit our Crooked River Coffee Fundraiser page here to purchase some delicious, locally sourced coffee and support Windsong: